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After over four months of nothing, the podcast has finally returned. In… rare form? It’s a pretty “different” episode, at least. Just listen to it! Guests include Joey, Jessa and Austin, with brief appearances from Luke and some German guy. Not sure how soon the next episode will be, but it’ll probably be before the end of the year at the very least.


Also, I haven’t updated the blog on MP3 much lately. That’s mostly because nobody actually reads this blog, so my incentive to do so is actually quite low! Who would have thought?

So anyway, here’s episode 8 and episode 9. They’re still from the “second first batch” of recording, so we’re still getting into the swing of things. Episode 9 in particular might get… a tad overbearing? I don’t know, but I enjoy it anyway.

Again, it’s a weekly show, so just check the channel every Tuesday or whatever. You’re a big girl now, I know you can do it!


Oh, and here’s episodes 1-19 of the podcast. I’ll probably be getting the other ones up soon? Hopefully??


MP3: Episode 7

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MP3: Episode 6

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So this is the first of the “new” episodes. As you can see, it’s no longer just Joey and me! This is not a temporary thing, so you’re all just going to have to get used to the show being considerably better than it was before. Alas.

Joey still has complaints about a handful of these episodes, but this time I can confidently place it in “making stuff up” territory. That being said, we were starting afresh and hadn’t seen the show in a while, so it took a few recording sessions before we really got into the swing of things. In other words, yes, I’m going to continue using the same copout excuse for our imperfections for the next, I don’t know… ten episodes or so. So look forward to that.



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MP3 Episode 5

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And with that, we’re finally done with the old 2010 batch of episodes! I still enjoy these first five episodes a lot, but they’re definitely weaker than most of the ones that come later, including episode six. Pretty excited to see if people start caring about them once they experience the changes!

Later updates to come soooooon.

MP3 Episode 4

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So here’s the fourth episode, which in my estimation is probably the best of the “original five” that we recorded last year. Which really should be of no surprise, since this is one of those terrifying “uncut episodes.” Whatever that means (“offensive to modern American sensibilities,” most likely). You might find that our best recordings tend to coincide with the episodes of Sailor Moon that are actually the most compelling. Or, maybe it’s the opposite. Not really sure!

Also, Facebook, et cetera.

Anyway, another episode next week, as always!

MP3 Episode 3, and News!

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So!  You may notice that the series is on Blip.TV now.  That’s because Youtube’s copyright reporting system makes it incredibly easy to get videos taken down (the second episode, by the way, can now be found here).  I’m pretty sure the fact that the actual Sailor Moon footage in this series is severely neutered (we remove almost all footage in which we are not the focal point), among other things, places it squarely in “fair use” territory, but that doesn’t really matter in “I’m not going to court over my anime-based video series, so if it gets taken down I shrug and move on” Land.  So, hopefully it just doesn’t get taken down!
We’ll continue uploading videos to the Youtube channel from time to time, but we’ll keep it limited to cute promos and other miscellany, I guess. Speaking of which…

Anyway, yeah.  Please subscribe to the new channel since that’s something a nice person would do!  Or, since you probably don’t have an account to begin with, just favorite it on your browser or something.  Whatever.

Also like us on Facebook and stuff, blah blah blah.


Lots of changes from the first episode since we were still getting into the groove of things at the time.  For one thing, we changed from English dubs to the original Japanese, which was a popular request and generally makes things easier on our end.  Audio is still a bit subpar compared to future episodes (six and on should be quite a bit better).

There is also some change in the way we handle the actual commentary.  It’s a little more energetic than the last episode, I guess!  So… yeah!  Subscribe if you want- the episodes really only get better from here on out.  Especially if you ask Joey.


I have a Twitter, blah blah blah.  @Thiediev.  If people followed me I’d maybe say stuff on it!!  Unlike this blog, where I apparently say stuff no matter what.


Oh, and I got a new mic, so maybe podcasts again soon?  Whatever.


The first episode of Joey’s and my new Youtube series just went live!  Which… apparently matters, I hope.  Here it is:



Since it was the first episode, we were still just getting a feel for this “recording” business, but I think it turned out pretty nicely.  Actually, the first few episodes were recorded well before TOACP and Joey’s radio show even existed, so look for later episodes to show significant changes/improvements.  I know Joey despises these first ones, so you’re not alone if you hate them for whatever reason.  Subscribe anyway, because that’s the polite thing to do??  Either way, look for another episode to emerge every Tuesday for the foreseeable future.

Also add me on Twitter: @Thiediev.  Why, why do I have this.



Such pain….

So there hasn’t been a podcast episode in a bit due to microphone issues. Oh well! It’ll start back up eventually. Like, months-from-now eventually, most likely. Whatever.

In the meantime, my Sailor Moon Youtube series with TOACP-mainstay Joey (entitled Moon, Prism, Power, Paralysis) is starting up in a couple days! Here’s Joey’s promo video, uploaded early this morning:



Actual episodes will (finally) begin uploading this Tuesday the 13th, to continue on a weekly basis for the foreseeable future. Hopefully someone will subscribe?


Secondly!  Everyone knows about the 10-year “anniversary” of 9/11, but some people see it as something else.  September 11th, 2001 also happens to mark the date that the Advance Wars series first came to North America, and the guys over at Wars World News saw fit to celebrate its 10th birthday with a call to arms for anyone willing to write a little bit about what the series has meant to them over the years. Yeah, I know.

But I fucking love Advance Wars.

So I submitted some nonsense for them to put on their site, and they did. I think it’s pretty nice, but whatever, it’s crazy self-reflecting Advance Wars babble. You either like it or you don’t, or something.

Also, they formatted out all of my italics for some reason. Was it… really that difficult? ;_;



Incidentally, I now have a Twitter account at @Thiediev. I don’t have any specific plans for it because Why Would I, but follow me anyway and I might be amusing once in a while or something. Um… mostly it’ll just be Sailor Moon-related stuff, since that’s my 100% main focus right now. Who knows, though!

This place is gonna start being updated weekly in light of the Youtube series, too, so there’ll be more reason to check back here, hopefully!  Probably won’t be too much, just the video and something mildly entertaining, hopefully.  Shrug.

So yeah, subscribe to the channel and whatever!