Wheeeee, with my recent foray onto a new forum comes a newfound sense of excitement for the podcast. So much potential! And yet, as is typical of TOACP, that potential mostly amounts to screaming and confusion. Also: a cranky British guy (miss you, marsh).
That being said, this episode uncharacteristically delves into some actually serious territory, where we discuss the semi-recent “Penny Arcade Dickwolves” incident (the details of which have been usefully compiled here. I’ve personally taken the feminist “side” of the argument, though that is less to say that I am staunchly against all instances of rape-based humor than to suggest that I consider Penny Arcade’s authors and fanbase’s respective retaliations to feminist criticisms as childish, insensitive and ignorant.
Also discussed is Jason Steele’s new podcast Chaos Pony, which I do recommend despite the shit-talk I obligatorily subjected it to during the recording. There’s also a little talk about Joey’s and my Sailor Moon-related summer project, Moon, Prism, Power, Paralysis, which nobody seemed to care about. =) We’ll see if that turns around once we actually start working on it again this summer.
As for ~content of extra beauty~, I present to you this:



(All of the episodes can be listened to/downloaded here.)